Microsoft Office 2010

When Microsoft launched Office 2010, they wanted to devise an innovative way to show new functionality and entice trial of the Office 2010 product within Microsoft’s social channels.

To engage people with the new Microsoft Office Suite and tie into their global advertising campaign “Make it Great”, we created a digital and social media strategy dubbed “Re-Packaging Pop Culture.” Beautifully designed documents were created in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote that trended and tagged onto current pop culture conversation while utilizing and showcasing the new features of Office 2010. These documents were placed in the “Cloud” for online interaction and editing. The content was pushed out into multiple social channels (Facebook, Twitter, blogs) every 10 days.

Office 2010 was the most successful Office launch in the company’s history with over 100 million licenses sold and helped push Microsoft’s annual revenue up 8% to $17.37B. The primary Office Facebook page grew 360% during the campaign. The Re-Packaging Pop Culture content often had the highest “like per post” averages. Following the success of the US launch, a kit was built for second-tier markets and has expanded outside the US in FY12 to India, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and Australia.