CBH Homes

Since 1992, CBH Homes has built over 10,000 homes. As number one in their category, they offer the largest selection of new homes in Idaho.

CBH embodies the joy of new home ownership. The key word there is “new.” It’s important that potential homebuyers don’t overlook the excitement of owning a new home, the ability to customize it however they want, and being the first owners of a home. Not to mention a relief from having to live around all the things previous owners might leave behind in older homes. ( See: Shiny. New. Awesome.)

The brand “Living Large” creates excitement around new home ownership. Together, CBH and Drake Cooper designed a modular tagline and brand which allows for alternating promotions and calls-to-action while always remaining on-brand.

Sales and marketing efforts have increased their overall market share from around 17% in 2008 to around 32% today… and it’s still going strong.